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February 08 2018




The sun is probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to a true Eldritch Abomination. Hear me out here-

  • Older than recorded history; was here longer than any of us and will be here long after we leave. Has a finite beginning and end but is still incomprehensibly ancient
  • Burns itself into your vision instantly and can blind you if you look for too long
  • Further prolonged exposure can cause cancerous growths
  • Non-humanoid shape floating through space; colossal flaming tentacles angrily lash out on occasion
  • Sort of just appeared one day and is now surrounded by the corpses of its stillborn children
  • People used to sacrifice other people to appease it
  • Pretty sure it screams at us sometimes

Well. Shit.




the saddest death in harry potter is my respect for jk rowling

I can’t believe this shitpost went viral on twitter I’ll just be here chillin’ waiting for jk rowling to block me too lmao



me: i’d like some fries please

five guys burgers and fries ™ employee: what size ?

me: regular please

five guys burgers and fries ™ employee, pouring two pounds of fries into a cup that fits like 20 fries at most and not breaking eye contact with me as it’s pouring over into the rest of my bag: is this enough fries ?? is this enough fucking fries ???

me, through tears and sobbing: y - yes

five guys burgers and fries employee, shoving fries into my stupid mouth: that’ll be $2.39

me, choking: hhhdbhh huh hhhhshhhhhs







Just for once I’d like to tell the gate agents and flight attendants that my folding wheelchair is going into the onboard closet and not have them tell me there’s “no room”. Bitch that’s a wheelchair closet, not a “your bags” closet. Move your damn bags where they belong.

Ok, so according to my friendly aviation expert, this is a Big Fucking Deal. In fact, if an airline argues with you about putting your wheelchair in the wheelchair closet or even suggests there may not be room, unless there is already another passenger’s wheelchair in that closet, they have violated federal law.

CFR Title 14, Chapter II, Subchapter D, Part 382, Subpart E, Section 382.67, Subsection (e)

“As a carrier, you must never request or suggest that a passenger not stow his or her wheelchair in the cabin to accommodate other passengers (e.g., informing a passenger that stowing his or her wheelchair in the cabin will require other passengers to be removed from the flight), or for any other non-safety related reason (e.g., that it is easier for the carrier if the wheelchair is stowed in the cargo compartment).”


This is hugely important because it means that if this happens to you, you should report their asses to the DOT. Why? Because these statistics are published every year for every airline, and the airline gets a huge ass fine for every violation. If we want to see change, we need to make airlines literally pay every time they treat us this way.


This, folks. This kind of ableist bullshit is what I deal with on a daily basis. I have explained the law. I have quoted the law. I have given you links to the Federal website that lists the entire Federal law. And still, some entitled shit who works for the airline industry is going to “explain” to me how that is not a wheelchair closet.

Hey @ayr0 - You know that closet you flight attendants like to put your luggage in? The one you hang the rich folks’ jackets in? That’s not the first class closet. That’s the wheelchair closet. There’s literally a picture of a wheelchair on the closet - posted by law - along with an explanation that the closet is for wheelchairs. Are you closing your eyes every time you use it? 

There is no “may” as in “Larger aircraft (like a Boeing 737) MAY have a first class cabin closet the MAY fit the wheelchair.” The word you’re looking for there is must. By law - by FEDERAL LAW - any plane with 100 or more seats that was ordered after April 5, 1990, or which was delivered after April 5, 1992 (for a US airline) or any plane with 100 or more seats that was ordered after May 13, 2009, or delivered after May 13, 2010 (for a foreign carrier) must have a wheelchair closet. (SourceThis covers pretty much any aircraft this size still in service in the US. If your aircraft has over 100 seats, was ordered/built after these dates, and somehow miraculously doesn’t have a wheelchair closet, by law you have to strap the wheelchair to seats on the plane even if that means you have to pull passengers off the flight to make room. (Source

For those not in the aviation industry (like @ayr0 who definitely knows better) there’s not a Boeing-737 in the world flying with less than 100 seats unless it’s some kind of crazy first-class only configuration or a cargo plane.

Once again, for the willfully ignorant in the back, here’s what the Federal law has to say about wheelchair stowage inside the cabin of an aircraft.

§382.67   What is the requirement for priority space in the cabin to store passengers’ wheelchairs?

“(a) As a carrier, you must ensure that there is priority space (i.e., a closet, or a row of seats where a wheelchair may be strapped using a strap kit that complies with applicable Federal Aviation Administration or applicable foreign government regulations on the stowage of cargo in the cabin compartment) in the cabin of sufficient size to stow at least one typical adult-sized folding, collapsible, or break-down manual passenger wheelchair, the dimensions of which are 13 inches by 36 inches by 42 inches or less without having to remove the wheels or otherwise disassemble it. This section applies to any aircraft with 100 or more passenger seats and this space must be other than the overhead compartments and under-seat spaces routinely used for passengers’ carry-on items.”

“( c ) If you are a carrier that uses a closet as the priority space to stow a manual passenger wheelchair, you must install a sign or placard prominently on the closet indicating that such wheelchairs and other assistive devices are to be stowed in this area with priority over other items brought onto the aircraft by other passengers or crew, including crew luggage, as set forth in §382.123.“


§382.123   What are the requirements concerning priority cabin stowage for wheelchairs and other assistive devices?

(a) The following rules apply to the stowage of passengers’ wheelchairs or other assistive devices in the priority stowage area provided for in §382.67 of this part:

(1) You must ensure that a passenger with a disability who uses a wheelchair and takes advantage of the opportunity to preboard the aircraft can stow his or her wheelchair in this area, with priority over other items brought onto the aircraft by other passengers or crew enplaning at the same airport, consistent with FAA, PHMSA, TSA, or applicable foreign government requirements concerning security, safety, and hazardous materials with respect to the stowage of carry-on items. You must move items that you or your personnel have placed in the priority stowage area (e.g., crew luggage, an on-board wheelchair) to make room for the passenger’s wheelchair, even if these items were stowed in the priority stowage area before the passenger seeking to stow a wheelchair boarded the aircraft (e.g., the items were placed there on a previous leg of the flight).”


Now here’s what you’re going to do @ayr0. First, you’re going to go home and offer up prayers/sacrifices/offerings of thanks to whatever deity you believe in that no one ever reported your ignorant ableist ass to the DOT for violating federal law by discriminating against passengers in wheelchairs. How do I know this? Because your airline would have gotten a hefty fine from the DOT and with any teeny bit of luck, you would have been fired. Next, you’re going to sit your ass down and read the federal laws that you, as a person who works in the airline industry, are required by law to knowHere is the entire set of Federal laws (CFR 382) covering Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel

Read them. Memorize them. Then go forth, stop being an ableist shit, and obey the goddamned law.

Signal boost TF out of this. 💙

For reference for the holidays!

@chronicillnessmemes @chronicillnessproblems

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Follow Ultrafacts for more facts



W A N S U M B L U E???



On New Years day in the year 9001, an ancient anime historian will shout “ITS OVER 9000!!!” and no one will have a clue what he is talking about.



u can be nb and still call yourself boyfriend/girlfriend or still like being called boy/girl/any gendered term because guess what???? gender is fake and so is language and that’s just how it is on this bitch of an earth




Mage: I didn’t ask how big the room was, I said I cast fireball

#this is one hundred percent iconic


Drinking Game: Figure Skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics


The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here! Are you excited? Or, maybe you’re feeling similarly to Mirai…


Well, either way it’s time to drown our joy and sorrows (mostly sorrows) in alcohol! Here’s your drinking game for figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

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slhksklsh fuck i cant plsim sure this has already been posted but i cant fusfsfisgj fucking find it pls just take this




lads had a dream last night that i was at the elton john concert and halfway through crocodile rock he switched to a prince medley and real live flesh and blood prince walked out on stage, and into the stunned, hushed silence i said quietly, “i thought you were dead” and he looked straight at me through the crowds of a million people, put his mouth against the mic, and said “do i look like the kind of man who dies” absolute legend 

That was like actually prince visiting you in your dreams to reassure us that Justin timberlake isn’t valid

February 07 2018

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winter olympics 2018, previews | only 2 days left!



Your mental health matters. Your struggles matter and most importantly YOU matter. It’s okay if you’re not okay. It’s okay if all you did today was survive. Take one day at a time.






i feel like we dont talk enough about how two of the most decorated female hockey players ever, one a former captain for team canada and the other for the usa, fell in love and had a baby together 

small gay sports baby

always reblog


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♪♫ Old MacDonald had…





I love how Kubo-sensei notices little details like these just from watching the FUNIMATION YOI DVD promo video. 😂 Talk about detail-oriented!

Watch the video here:


@katsudonski and anyone else this may apply to: If you’re unable to see the video because of country restrictions, maybe try it through their tweet? 🤔


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This is the most suspicious thing I’ve ever seen.



Me- “I don’t have a type”

Also me- *crushes on basically every female tv character who holds a position of authority & who is at least 20 years older than me*


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the accuracy

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