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June 15 2017



Client: Not bad, but it needs more floof.

Me: What?

Client: More floof. On top.

Just put a soft something on it so it doesn’t feel so naked.
— The world’s most abstract client. (via clientsfromhell)
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“Mother: Excuse me, young man, I am not far-Right. I am in the centre. I voted for Tony Blair. It’s Corbyn who’s extreme.“

the l in lgbt stands for leftist

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Cover of 季刊エス. Stunning.

Somehow, YOI using choreography from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is so apt, especially with a theme of miscommunication being one of love’s challenges.

Yuuri and Yurio are so cute as fairies! 😭

And we get young!Victor AND Victor together? We are not worthy.

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r o o m m a t e

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My skin is clear my crops are flourishing I am DEADED

[ x ]



It was three days into their stay in Thailand when Yuuri finally woke up earlier than Viktor.

He savoured those times, they happened so rarely. Viktor was often out of bed before Yuuri had even started to stir. Like this he had unimpeded time to study the small flutters of his eyelashes, the slight furrow on his brow that disappeared when Yuuri ran a comforting hand down his side, how his arms tightened around Yuuri when he shifted to keep him in place.

He could never look enough. No matter how much, how often, it would never be enough. Gently, still careful about not waking him, he ran the tips of his fingers from the cut of his jaw, the graceful line of his neck, and over his shoulders before pausing. Viktor sighed. Accent thicker from having just woken up, he asked, “I was enjoying that. Why did you stop?”

Yuuri didn’t answer, still staring at the skin of his shoulders. “Yuuri?”

“You have freckles,” he said, hearing the quiet awe in his voice.

Viktor took his right hand where it was motionless on his shoulder and kissed it, his eyes sliding shut again. “Mm. Only if I’ve been in the sun too long.”

He was saying it so casually, as if it wasn’t one of the best things Yuuri had ever learnt. Granted, he thought that of most mundane things he learnt about Viktor, but it wasn’t as if he wanted to stop. He considered kissing them all one by one, even if there were so many it would probably take hours. Reluctantly settling for around ten instead, he mumbled “I love them,” against another few. Viktor’s chest was shaking, probably laughing at his little display, but looking so delighted when Yuuri met his eyes that he couldn’t complain.



So I’ve been thinking a lot this morning about Victor’s relationship with narrative. With stories. I think it’s crucial to understanding a lot of Victor’s behavior in early episodes, and helping to contextualize the many masks he wears before Yuuri asks him to cut that shit out pls I’d rather have the real you

Yuuri remarks in Ep4 that Victor had his music commissioned and created his choreography specifically to help him tell stories. He constructs narrative for his audience with his skating, which is true of many (though not all) skaters, but the way Yuuri phrases it makes it seem that Victor goes above and beyond the standard line. This is something that he in particular is known for. Given the fact that Victor is apparently an avid reader— considering his massive bookshelves in the BR/DVD version and even the not-inconsequential number of books he brought with him to Hasetsu— this isn’t really surprising. But I think it goes deeper than that.

We all know that Victor has been “reinventing” himself over and over again throughout the years, and it’s inferred that this has done him some not-inconsiderable psychological damage. He’s been regularly reshaping himself to fit whatever story he’s telling the world this time for years. Which would be all fine and healthy… provided he left that on the ice and allowed himself to develop a real sense of self in his personal life. but this is Victor so lmao what personal life. Having been in the spotlight from a very young age (he’s implied to have won the Olympics at sixteen or so, depending on what year you interpret S1 to have followed; check out that “please don’t sue us but this is totally Turin Olympic gold” medal displayed front and center):

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that Victor was launched into stardom at an age that even Britney Spears’ parents would say “damn do you think being famous that young might have damaging emotional consequences or smth.” He seems to have coped with that attention by… well, developing personas to wear to fit the narrative being told about him. Whether that was an attempt to fit a pre-existing media image or an attempt to choose/control the narrative being told about him is not clear; either way, while it’s not the most unhealthy coping mechanism for dealing with the spotlight (again, see Britney), it’s certainly not been good for him, either.

Victor, as revealed in Ep10, seems to be someone with very little real life experience. He’s been hyper-focused on one (1) thing since he was a very young child, even before he became famous for being Really Really Good at it. It’s not hard to imagine that, after Yuuri swept him off his feet in Sochi and proceeded to ignore him completely, with few (if any) close friends and no personal experience to draw on, the only way he really had to contextualize that experience was through narrative. So he went and constructed a story around them— quite literally, in the form of the Eros routine. He set up this comforting little story where it’s not his fault Yuuri ghosted him. It’s not because he’s unworthy or unlovable, he just got taken advantage of by a charming playboy who never had any intention of making good on all those promises his sparkling eyes made :)))))))

Only then, Yuuri skates Stammi Vicino and throws that narrative into chaos. And we all know how it goes from there— Victor tosses over his entire life and dips tf out to go fulfill drunk!Yuuri’s request to coach him… and, probably, in the happy little world of Victor’s newly-revised narrative, fall wildly in love and settle down and have seventeen poodles together. The perfect fairy tale ending.

But once again, Yuuri is frustratingly uncooperative when it comes to fitting into the easy, compartmentalized story Victor’s put together. He doesn’t immediately open his arms wide for Victor to swoon into (or swoon into Victor’s arms, that would probably be okay too), he’s anxious and confusing and runs hot and cold in the most baffling ways. The reality of Yuuri forces Victor to start taking him down off the pedestal he’d put him on. There is no magic spell to turn a little piggy into a prince, because this isn’t a fairy tale and life is messy and doesn’t work like that. And even as he starts to get a better handle on who Yuuri is as a person, he’s still trying to fit himself into some easily-categorized role. Instead of fitting them into his own narrative, he’s trying to figure out what Yuuri’s narrative is.

Only, Yuuri doesn’t have a narrative. He just wants the truth, and he just wants Victor’s honest self, and he tells Victor that. And we’ve all been over how important that is, but I just feel like all this adds some further context to how Victor had been approaching the situation until Yuuri put his foot down and told Victor it was fine to just be genuine.

tl;dr i’m dying squirtle

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** Permission to post from their pages was granted by the artist
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Artist :   Eightpiece (pixiv / twitter)


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Dry heat ain’t shit, son.

Humidity is Divine punishment.

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people are fucking dying. i’ve never been so furious

The same cladding was responsible for a fire in the Docklands here.

I’m shocked, horrified but not at all surprised by any of it.

Similar cladding has been slapped onto a lot of recently refurbed social housing blocks close to my home. Underneath the cladding, these blocks are brick-built low-rise or concrete higher-rise construction – i.e., as at the far taller Grenfell Tower, fire-risk cladding is being slapped on top of what ought to be fire-safe materials. Also as at Grenfell Tower, this cosmetic ‘refurbishment’ is quite recent. I’ve lived where I live for 2 decades; for the first 15-odd years, I saw zero visible maintenance or ‘improvement’ of these blocks or their surroundings. In east London as well as west, the cladding has arrived as super-gentrification accelerates – with no visible accompanying improvement to (say) the outside spaces used by the blocks’ actual residents.

This story’s emphasis on ‘private landlords’ may confuse some readers. To be clear, Grenfell Tower is not owned by a private landlord. It is social housing, owned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (AKA Kensington Council: a London Borough with its own elected representatives and local-government powers), but managed on behalf of the borough/owner by a private management company called the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO).

However, it is the private company KCTMO that was managing, and will have commissioned, the block refurbishment. The private company contracted to do the block refurbishment is the construction giant Rydon, who in turn will have used, and are responsible for, a cascade of sub-contractors.

(Kensington and Chelsea also happens to be home – loosely speaking – to London’s most extremely wealthy residents and non-dom property investors. In last week’s UK General Election, the habitually Conservative Kensington Parliamentary constituency made history by electing a Labour MP for the first time ever. In this New Statesman article, a resident explains why.)

Despite it’s name, KCTMO should under no circumstances be confused with the Grenfell Tower’s actual residents’ organisation, the Grenfell Action Group – who had been raising the alarm about fire safety issues in the block for years but say they were repeatedly ignored.

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I love drawing cute scenes.

I know I don’t usually reblog things here but please more people look at this amazing thing.

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Comic book illustration of Saturn. Outer Space. 1958.



Could handle superpowers: SAGITTARIUS, Cancer, Taurus, Leo

Deserve superpowers but can’t handle it well: PISCES, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio

Should not, by any means, have superpowers ever: CAPRICORN, Aquarius, Aries

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yuuri katsuki with long hair is my aesthetic 💕
part 2 of my yuri on ice aesthetics




The whole notion of being docile around a police officer is an utterly terrifying norm. This isn’t the fucking hunger games. Citizens don’t need to be sweet to you, especially when you’re fucking wrong and they know their rights. They shouldn’t have to cower and fear and put their tails in between their thighs because the police academy has a tendency to accept shit heads who need to make up for their dominance complex. 

Not to stomp all over this post or anything, but I got pulled over in Los Angeles in 2009. It was after a concert. The police tried to say I squealed my tires at them, which I definitely did not do, don’t know how to do, and besides the fact I had no music on and my windows rolled down so I absolutely knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not do it. As a result, I was calm and relaxed, I wasn’t afraid. And it absolutely perplexed them, one of them even got angry and started to yell at me. They kept insisting I must be drunk, I kept saying, “Give me the test then,” but it seemed like that was the last thing they wanted to do. Until finally, one of them was getting so irate that his partner separated him from me, and gave me the test. Finally, I was dismissed, and the arguably nicer (though not by much) officer said to me, “Can I ask you a question? Why aren’t you afraid of us? I think my friend is upset because you’re not afraid of us and usually people are.” And I said, “If I haven’t done anything wrong, why should I be afraid?” 

But after that, it sat with me, that they expected me to be afraid, and they wanted me to be afraid, and it sat with me that they completely made up a reason to pull me over. Since then actually, I’m much more afraid of cops than I ever was before that moment. 



WaPo announced that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice by the special prosecutor.

Also, it’s his birthday.

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